By Chawnette Clark

For many of us, we enter adolescence carrying opinions, beliefs and life practices that were infringed upon us almost from birth.  This likely means that we entered this world at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, many of our parents were handed the same baggage they transferred to us. Here is what I know for sure; generational baggage has the potential to travel from generation to generation, and oftentimes without very much hope for compromise.

Often these hand-me-down-beliefs and practices is said to be simply the way it is; and, furthermore, dare not attempt to challenge those mindsets. For many, to challenge some of the old-school belief systems is to challenge the intellect of preceding ancestors. 

Truth is, the mere suggestion of changing the way things have been done is often mistaken for insult or an overall assault on ones’ intelligence. This slavery mentality serves primarily one purpose really. That is to keep those enslaved in a state of being enslaved with little to no hope of change. 

I feel it is time to poke the bear and awaken some of the senses that we all innately possess with just a little courage to tap into them.

How long does one swim against the tide that is consistently attempting to take them in a direction that is both natural and reasonable? How long does one continue to fight against truths and opportunities that can change the trajectory of one’s entire life? What if we choose to explore what we believe?

Is change even possible you may ask yourself? The answer is “Yes.” Not only is change possible, but it is also inevitable with an open mind and a little faith to engage the first step. The first step is simple. It is just acknowledging that what has been done so far has not worked, and a willingness to at least entertain a different approach towards your life.