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Relationship Goals
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School Shoutout 📣

This school year, Blake and Romello visited Troy HS, and Meghan visited Lehman Catholic HS. Check out their message to you below!

In Your Words

Check out what your friends have to say!

“It helped me with making my relationship better, making more goals, and planning things for the future.”

Troy High School

“It helped me understand how to identify good and bad relationships.”

Lehman Catholic High School

“This program made me realize how strong I am. I now have the courage to speak up when I need to.”

Troy High School

“What impacted me the most were the last two abuse stories and how those types of situations can make
people think or feel.”

Lehman Catholic High School

“This has impacted me to think about the people I surround myself with because they impact the person I can become and the choices I will make.”

Troy High School

“I really liked the clip from Mean Girls. It showed how high school really isn’t all together. It’s a big group of
people, but those people are in their own groups based on how they act and who they are.”

Lehman Catholic High School

7 Relationship Goals for the Holidays

1. B.F.F. – Be Friends First

Strive to be authentic and to have integrity when pursuing lasting friendships. It is the glue that will hold them together.

2. Know What You Want

Know what you want and be able to define it.

3. Watch for Red Flags

Know they exist and don’t mind a detour if necessary.

4. Talk It Out Assertively

Seek reasonable and respectful solutions.

5. Control Your Emotions

Think objectively, not emotionally.

6. Set Proper Boundaries

Be able to properly establish them, acknowledge them, respect them, and expect others to do the same.

7. Have a Future Plan

Establish, define, and execute it!

Picture Perfect

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Monthly Challenge!

Create your Wants and Don’t Wants list.
Make a list of what you want and do not want in a relationship.

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