What we do

High School

Go For The Gold

Go for the Gold engages teens at the High School level on culturally relevant topics such as dating, communication, conflict resolution and how to recognize the red flags associated with abusive relationships. Go for the Gold has been rated by students as “Excellent” or “Very Good” in 11 Southwest Ohio Counties. The program empowers students with an important optimal health message that unmasks the risks associated with teen sexual activity.¬†Our in-class relationship-building program for high school students is now available for your school or youth group!

8th Grade


Aspire encourages students to seek their future goals, including educational and financial success, as well as healthy future marriage and family life.

7th Grade

Relationships Under Construction

Teaches young people how to reject sexual advances and how alcohol and drug use increases vulnerability to sexual advances; and teaches the importance of attaining self-sufficiency before engaging in sexual activity.

Stories of Impact

Students from local schools share what our work has meant to them

Warren County Juvenile Detention Center

It really made [me] not just think about my relationships, but about my life. It made me want better for my life.

Northmont HS

I really liked this program because it made me think deeper into relationships than before. I think this class should be taught to everyone at some point and required.

Stivers HS

I liked this program because it taught me things that I needed guidance in. I hope to be able to take most of the things we talked about into consideration for the rest of my life and teach others that need help as much as I did.

West Carrollton HS

This program was very helpful! The part how sex can affect you emotionally and physically definitely explains why it made leaving my ex so much harder.

Let’s Chat

Our presenters use interactive, hands-on activities and discussion to help students understand what it takes to build and maintain healthy relationships that will last a lifetime.

If you would like more information about our program or how to schedule it for your school or youth organization,
call (937) 262-7010 or email info@go4thegold.org.