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What we do

High School

Go For The Gold

Go for the Gold engages teens at the High School level on culturally relevant topics such as dating, communication, conflict resolution and how to recognize the red flags associated with abusive relationships. Go for the Gold has been rated by students as “Excellent” or “Very Good” in 11 Southwest Ohio Counties. The program empowers students with an important optimal health message that unmasks the risks associated with teen sexual activity. Our in-class relationship-building program for high school students is now available for your school or youth group!

8th Grade


Aspire encourages students to seek their future goals, including educational and financial success, as well as healthy future marriage and family life.

7th Grade


Quest uses powerful stories to help students along life’s journey. Practical instruction helps students identify their future goals, such as marriage and family, and avoid obstacles such as sexual activity and other risk behaviors that could keep them from achieving their goals.

6th & 7th Grade

Stuck in The Middle

Stuck in the Middle is designed to address adolescence in a way that empowers students to embrace this important stage of development. The program equips students to navigate through the challenges that affect them most, such as friendships, puberty, peer pressure, bullying and instills leadership skills.

Stories of Impact

Students from local schools share what our work has meant to them

It really made me not to just think about my relationships, but about my life. It made me want better for my life.

Warren County Juvenile Detention Center

This program was very helpful! The part how sex can affect you emotionally and physically definitely explains why it made leaving my ex so much harder.

West Carrollton HS

It was really good to learn about what makes a relationship healthy and what are warning signs of unhealthy relationships. Being able to tell the difference between what you should do and what your emotions want you to do if something doesn’t feel right. Also understanding the many different signs of abuse, it can be more than just physical and it’s important to know red flags.

Mason High School

I really liked this program because it made me think deeper into relationships than before. I think this class should be taught to everyone at some point and required.

Northmont HS

Personally, I remember having you back in my freshman year. During this time I was in an extremely unhealthy relationship. He used all of the grooming tactics. After this program those years ago I got out of my relationship. This program saved and changed my life dramatically. Thank you!

East Dayton Christian School

I learned a lot during this program. One of the biggest things that I didn’t know before were the many different types of grooming tactics that people use and how it can be linked to future abuse. Knowing this now I feel will help me a lot in my future.

Mason High School

I learned a lot about how to have self control and maintain healthy relationships. I know how to calm myself down more when in arguments and to communicate better. I also learned that not skipping steps in relationships can make them last longer. With the issues with covid right now it was a bit more difficult on the google meet but I was still able to gain a lot of information.

Mason High School

I really liked this program because it made me think deeper into relationships than before. I think this class should be taught to everyone at some point and required.

Stivers HS

I liked the presentations and I feel like they were educating on important topics. I feel like it has educated me enough to make different decisions and probably smarter, more thought out ones, than I would have before this program.

Mason High School

I thought this program was helpful and I took away some information especially about abusive or unhealthy relationships and grooming tactics. Even though a lot of it seems obvious, there are some things I never would have thought of or realized. I think I will be more careful about relationships in the future now because of this. 

Mason High School

I found this presentation very interesting and beneficial for students at our age. It helped me realize a lot about myself and the relationships that I have with other people.

Springboro HS

This presentation was really good! I thought everything we learned about relationships was important especially since many of us are about to enter adulthood soon. Learning about grooming, what makes a healthy relationship and commitment helped make me feel more confident in the people I allow in my life and who I plan to meet in college.

Mason High School

I learned a lot about each step to take in the dating progress and what you have to do in each stay to keep a healthy relationship. I also thought the session about grooming was really interesting, I didn’t know a lot about that topic beforehand and I do now and it’s all good information to know.

Mason High School

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Our presenters use interactive, hands-on activities and discussion to help students understand what it takes to build and maintain healthy relationships that will last a lifetime.

If you would like more information about our program or how to schedule it for your school or youth organization,
call (937) 262-7010 or email info@go4thegold.org.