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Kim Danon

Program Manager
Treasure Hunter and Bluegrass Lover
I love searching for the treasures that lie within every person’s personal story. I see imperfections and wear as a sign of wisdom, passion and individuality.
Data and Evaluation Specialist
Coffee lover
Coffee is enjoyed in many different ways. Regardless of how someone prefers their coffee, it is still coffee at its core. I like to relate this concept to all of us. At our core, we are all human beings, but we look different, act different, have our individual interests, and have our own strengths and weaknesses. I enjoy knowing people’s differences and the things that make them unique. I prefer to share our similarities and celebrate our differences.

Melissa Tackett



TeLana Lee

Northern Woman with a Southern Soul.
I love cooking for my family; with the main ingredient being “Love”!
My desire is to shop for herbs and veggies from my own backyard so I am trying my thumb at gardening.

Keepin it Simple
It is in the sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell of some of the most simplistic things in life that can bring me sheer joy. It could be little, much, or really nothing at all that could make me smile; and by the way, I also enjoy window shopping!

Chawn Clark

Music Lover and Nostalgia Nut.
I love aligning music with the memories in my life. My past is filled with joy and my future filled with promise.

Darryll Rice

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