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Kim Danon

Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant

Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist

Kim with violin
Associate Director
Treasure Hunter and Bluegrass Lover
I love searching for the treasures that lie within every person’s personal story. I see imperfections and wear as a sign of wisdom, passion and individuality.

Melissa Tackett

Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist

Melissa with coffee maker
Youth Services Administrative Coordinator
Coffee lover
Coffee is enjoyed in many different ways. Regardless of how someone prefers their coffee, it is still coffee at its core. I like to relate this concept to all of us. At our core, we are all human beings, but we look different, act different, have our individual interests, and have our own strengths and weaknesses. I enjoy knowing people’s differences and the things that make them unique. I prefer to share our similarities and celebrate our differences.

Youth Educators

Meghan Moylan

Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist

Morgan with book and walking stick

Adventurous Foodie

Whether it’s trying the next new food or finding a great new spot to hike–I believe that variety is the spice of life. My life can sometimes be so full that it is planned down to the minute, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. With my planner and a full assortment of colored pens in one hand, and a full cup of coffee in the other. I’m ready for whatever adventure life puts in my path.

Morgan Snyder


Morgan with book and walking stick

Nature Lover

I gain an energy that I can’t get anywhere else when I am in nature! Any weather, anything outdoors is my jam. When you put in the hard work to get to a breathtaking view at the end of a hike, the difficult steps are always worth the effort… just like in life!

Darryll Rice

Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist

Morgan with book and walking stick

Music Lover and Nostalgia Nut.

I love aligning music with the memories in my life. My past is filled with joy and my future filled with promise.

TeLana Lee

Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist

Morgan with book and walking stick

Northern Woman, Southern Soul.

I love cooking for my family; with the main ingredient being “Love”! My desire is to shop for herbs and veggies from my own backyard so I am trying my thumb at gardening.

Blake Hansher

Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist

Blake with books

Storyteller at Heart

We all have a story inside of us, be it fact or fiction. Whether it is our personal story or one that has blossomed inside our imagination, my passion lies in exploring and sharing these stories with friends. The most beautiful works of art come from within ourselves.

Mandy Dent


Morgan with book and walking stick


There is nothing I enjoy more than a creative, artistic challenge on a budget…

Whether it’s upcycling a piece of furniture or designing a unique one of a kind accessory or gift…I’m always on the lookout for an opportunity to put my thrifty, creative talents to use. The items I create, truly depict my overall personality and character.

Sephora Ferjuste

Morgan with book and walking stick

Lifelong Learner

From foreign languages and art, to music and writing, I love trying out new things and exploring my passions. I am curious about the human mind and behavior, and I love getting to know people and expressing myself through creative outlets.

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