In a world often filled with challenges, art has the unique ability to inspire, uplift, and bring communities together. This sentiment was beautifully captured in the recent Hoops for Hope Art Contest, where young talents showcased their creativity under the theme “Alive to Thrive.” Among the many impressive submissions, two standout artists emerged victorious, leaving their mark on the upcoming event with their exceptional designs.


Celebrating Talent and Resilience

The Hoops for Hope Art Contest not only showcases the immense talent of young artists but also highlights the importance of coming together to support meaningful causes. Through their creativity and dedication, Haley T and Evie M have brought the theme “Alive to Thrive” to life, reminding us all of the resilience of the human spirit.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming 3 on 3 Tournament, let us celebrate the contributions of these talented individuals and the countless others who use their art to inspire hope and make a difference in the world. Together, we can thrive, no matter the challenges we may face.

Haley T: Bringing Life to Stickers

Hailing from Troy High School, Haley T’s design caught the eye of the judges with its vibrant energy and captivating message. Her artwork, brimming with color and symbolism, beautifully encapsulated the theme. Haley’s design was chosen to be featured as one of the event stickers, ensuring that every interested participant and spectator will carry a piece of her creativity home with them.

Evie M: Designing Hope

Evie M, a talented sophomore from Archbishop Carroll High School, captured the essence of the event with her striking design, earning her the honor of creating the official event logo. Evie’s artwork seamlessly blended elements of hope, community, and resilience, making it the perfect emblem for the 2nd Annual Hoops for Hope event. Her design will be prominently featured on event t-shirts. She will be awarded the $500 scholarship made possible by Divine Catering & Events at the Hoops for Hope event!!  Great job Evie!!