By: Dontae’ DeVaughn 

Did you know that as of 2016, that 25% of children under 18 live with in a single parent home with their mother? Meaning their father isn’t present in the home. I wouldn’t even dare to guess what percentage has an absent or inactive father. They say that these children are at risk of participating in substance abuse, having behavioral issues, going to juvenile and even dropping out of high school. Many of you may be in that 25% and you may even be battling with some of those risk factors.  So it seems as if the odds are against you and now you are considered a statistic, all because your father isn’t around. And that may be so but just because the odds are against you doesn’t mean you can’t win. You winning is dependent on your attitude and your willingness NOT to lose!

Winning is a choice! It is a mindset of no matter my circumstances or situation I choose to win. See I can relate to the 25%. I can relate to you.

I too, came from a single parent home where my mother raised two sons by herself without the help of my father. My environment wasn’t always the greatest and I could have made poor choices that could have put me in those very risk factors mentioned above. I didn’t allow my lack of having a father present hinder me but I used it as motivation to be a better man and father. I’ve always had a winning mentality when it came to life and realizing at an early age, that my choices not only affected me but others(my mother) as well. That was huge factor in my decision making. Because of my positive choices in life I beat the odds that were against me and so can you! Remember you are a product of the choice you make no matter your environment.

Here are a few things to keep in mind and think about:

  • Winning is a mindset!
  • Your choices shape the life you want.
  • Your choices can affect others.
  • Your father is the one really missing out!!!
  • You matter and you are worth having a father daughter/son relationship.