Written by: Kim Danon

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie that left you hanging and longing for more; connecting so strongly to the characters that you don’t want the story to end? Perhaps you wish you could re-write the ending.  Whether it was a happy ending leaving you curious about the future of the characters or an ending that gets to your emotions and leaves you speechless, we all desire an ending that connects with and confirms our deepest desires; endings we hope for in our own life scenarios.

Every life has a story; a story filled with interesting beginnings, twists, turns and unpredictable outcomes. Unlike the movies or a book, our lives are a continuum. No matter where you are in your story, there will be another chapter to follow. When you are feeling undone, remember that your story is un-done! Though we may not always experience a picture perfect ending to the events in our lives, we have to turn the page and have hope for what is yet to come in the next chapter. 

Like the book that you can’t put down or that series that has you bingeing, it is important to keep the perspective that there is more to come and with every new day, we see how the bigger picture begins to form and helps the past and current situations to make more sense. So, we have a choice. We can come undone in the middle of our story or we can keep watching and anticipate that our story is truly un-done and enjoy the mystery and excitement of the journey! Stay tuned…your story isn’t over.