By: Dontae’ DeVaughn 

Who likes being rejected???

No one does!!! But it happens to the best of us!!! Many of us have experienced it on many different levels from losing a relationship, not getting the job, being abandoned by a mother or father, etc. Whatever it is, it doesn’t feel good and no one wants to experience it. Rejection stings and it can leave you feeling embarrassed, shameful, confused, uncomfortable, etc. . . and often leaving you feeling unwanted. But what if I told you rejection could be a good thing???

Yes, rejection can be good for you!!! And it’s really a setup for something better!!!

When I look at the many times I’ve been rejected from a relationship or an opportunity, though it hurt and stung, it allowed me to process WHY I was rejected and how I could grow through it and get past it. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and hindsight is 20/20, so when we look back on our situation and why things didn’t work out, don’t beat yourself up but seek to understand why. Maybe you weren’t really ready to handle the responsibilities of that job. . . Just maybe you avoided an abusive and manipulative relationship. Think about how that could have changed or delayed you from reaching your goals. Maybe even take a drastic toll on your future. You may not see it at the moment but it could very well be what’s best for your future, saving you from settling on something or someone you should have never entertained from the jump. Sometimes you have to take a loss in order to gain. What rejected you could have set you up for what was meant for you!!!