By Chawnette Clark

Journey to discovering the best of you!

In discovering the best of who you are, part has to do with how you handle situations in life. Most of us have heard the saying, “Some situations can make or break you.” You should know there is some truth to this statement. Unplanned and unpleasant experiences will happen in life. The key is learning how to handle conflictive situations when they arise. 

In fact, there was a time in my life when I used to look pass my bottom eyelid, crinkle my nose while twisting my upper lip in disgust when entertaining some of the things people did that I deemed disgusting and unthinkable. I convinced myself that I could never be capable of committing such acts; in fact, I felt some things could never even enter my mind under any circumstances. 

It wasn’t until I personally faced a life altering situation that severely challenged my thoughts about what I could be capable of doing pending circumstances beyond my control. I was forced to take a closer look at the person I truly was beyond my outward exterior. After viewing the situation and counting the cost, had I reacted in the way my mind suggested, pain and loss would have been inevitable. 

Eventually, I concluded, a different and more sensible solution and choice had to be made. I learned my life’s narrative could change very quickly under certain circumstances. I needed to know how I could go through hard times without compromising who I am and you would do well to consider the same. This is why it is never good to judge people too quickly. Good news is even when you falter or fall short of your own expectations, it is clearly okay to give yourself a break and a pass. You won’t always get it right. Regardless, you have to keep moving towards your life dreams and aspirations. 

It’s not healthy nor productive to dwell on past mistakes or unfavorable circumstances. Unless you are referring to them as learning tools, you would do well to disregard them. I am thankful that I was able to learn and grow from an experience that nearly cost me everything. The bigger lesson is, “We cannot control everything that happens to us; however, we can control our responses. Know that exercising self-control is vital. Consider it your GPS that will help guide you towards becoming your best self.