by Kim Danon

I know a young man who spent a good part of his life trying to get out of fulfilling his purpose. He saw having a purpose as intimidating and a risk for failure. He spent many years looking for “Loopholes” to avoid living up to his full potential. You may be asking yourself “Why would anyone do that?” Has there ever been a time when you knew what you should do, but found a way around it? If we are not careful that can become a lifestyle and change the course of what is intended to be a life filled with purpose.

Have you ever made an excuse to help you to avoid the risk of failure? We can lack self-confidence and courage and shy away from opportunities that push us to be better people. There are 2 different kinds of people; those who are always trying to do the least and get the most and those who are looking for opportunities to do the most with what little they have. Loopholes rob you of opportunities. They take from you what is intended to take you to a greater place in life. Loopholes “dumb down” your potential and purpose in this world.

Loopholes are everywhere. Are you aimlessly spending your time and energy seeking out loopholes instead of rising to the opportunity to go to the next level? Don’t fall down the loophole! Start today to stand out and find freedom in your purpose.