By Chawnette Clark

Many of you have hidden gifts and talents that you may not even be aware of. You ever ask yourself questions such as, “What are things I enjoy doing, what do I do well, what are some of the places that I enjoy going, what would I do or where would I go if money and resources were not an issue?” 

The answer to some of these questions may potentially house hidden gifts and talents that you may not be aware of.  Exposing yourself to different ideas, people and places can potentially spark interests that may set your life on a different, exciting and even profitable path. 

Discovering your potential pointers: 

  • Be able to define toxic vs. non-toxic relationships, people, places and things
  • Define and explore your strengths
    • Be careful not to overlook strengths not so easily identifiable 
    • Take the Briggs or Enneagram Test
    • Talk with a career coach
  • Use past mistakes or failures as motivation
    • They will strengthen you if you learn from them
    • Foresee them as tools to sharpen and broaden your perspective 
    • Understand failure teaches us what not to do
  • Discover the things that make you feel empowered
  • Ask family, friends, teachers what strengths have they witnessed within you
  • Consider the things you wanted to do places you wanted to go as a child
  • Keep an active journal regarding the things that interest or disinterest you whether it is one sentence or one paragraph