by Kim Danon

Society seems to have a problem with imperfection, regardless of the cause. We are a throw away world who demands perfection from all except ourselves.  We tend to sit on the throne of judgement pretending we cannot be judged. What is seen on the outside is often blind to the inside and so it goes. You have a choice young people. You can either pity or empower. You cannot do both. Not to others. Not to yourself.

We are all defiled. For can we not find at least 1 who is better off than us? One who has had one more break, one more stroke of luck? Excuses hold zero value. They will never be in demand. Everyone has one and no one wants them. We cast them to the wind on a kite string.

Victory doesn’t come. Victory is in your back pocket.  It always was and always will be. You want to know what else? Defeat only comes when beckoned. We own victory, we invite defeat.

Have you been told you aren’t good enough? How you respond is everything and more meaningful than the one who accuses.  Rise up young people. There is meaning in who you are, despite your imperfections. They are your beauty marks. Each with their own story and path to who you are today, who you will be tomorrow and how they work to make the world a stronger place for those who inherit your legacy.

You have many choices in this world. Some you get to make and some will be made for you. Despite the origin of your scars, you remain.  You remain meaningful. You remain victorious. Don’t let anyone, including yourself cause you to lose sight of your significance.