by Kim Danon

People say times have changed and that the world is a different place now. Generations argue that there are gaps that lack understanding as to how each other feels and thinks. What used to be is now outdated and no longer works. Today’s generation is desperately trying to separate from generations before them, to stand out and to stand up to what has been done while at the same time remain current with what is constantly becoming, only to find it changes again. They want something to call their own and it can’t look like anything that already exists.  The desire to recreate, reinvent and innovate has never been stronger than in this generation. This can be a beautiful unfolding or an endless search for fulfilment that is never acquired or truly experienced, caught somewhere between what was and what one desires to be.

Each generation has the deep longing to become and to leave their mark. Many generations have come and gone and have created the springboard for generations yet to come.  Every generation matters to the next. Each generation has its own sense of wonderment that fuels the dream that resides deep within. Some run hard in the chase and some thrive in the stroll. We need both. Someone built the ladder that allows you to rise and look ahead. Someone worked their whole life to provide what you see. Someone’ s main source of imagination was a box, a rock and a can and they took the things of the day and dreamed freely without the fear of never seeing it live. Their wonderment was a new day to dream, a new day to imagine what was possible beyond the unknown.

Turns out, being a kid is not such a bad thing.  There is purpose in wonderment. There is purpose in not knowing how or when things will unfold. There is purpose in being content with the things of the day. There is purpose in dreaming dreams that never come true. Like the generations before you and the ones you will usher in, there was and is and will always be purpose for the day.


What fills your world with wonderment and purpose? Those are the things that you have been given to build the next step. Whether you see it in your lifetime or your imagination builds for the next, the things of the day build your life and the world as it will one day be seen and explored.  So, build your life and know that your purpose is part of a much bigger picture that generations ahead will need and look back to for inspiration. Don’t miss out on the gift of the unknown. For one day, it will be fully known by the next generation.