Written by: Chawn Clark

The game “Roblox” which has appeared to be a “kid-friendly” and popular gaming platform for kids has been exposed for housing hidden sexual content. Makers of this game stated they are constantly seeking to eliminate this type of intrusion by outsiders that has taken place. They have taken no responsibility in providing children access to this nonsense. As a grandparent raising grandchildren, I clearly understand that technology has certainly advanced as well as the children entertaining it. However, it was a bit nerving to learn that a game that is so heavily advertised and promoted for child usage, has provided opportunities to expose our children to explicit content.

The thought of sitting alongside my grandson while he plays games marketed as “kid-friendly” and even allowed in schools and churches during free time is both alarming and disturbing.

I found this link through Ascend Newsletter which frequently publishes content to bring awareness by exposing many hurdles and challenges our kids are facing, while providing training and advocacy opportunities as well. What I took away from reading this article was my need to, in a sense, ‘wake-up’, stay better informed, and become more pro-active in guarding what my grandson is being exposed to.

Children in the 2020’s will definitely need gentle reminders of how vicious, and oftentimes intentional, those who are money-driven and lack morality can be. Reading this article keeps me mindful of the reality of our insensitive, reckless and undermined society.

The more I understand what is helping to shape the mindsets and influence the actions of our youth, the better I am able to interact with them. To be effective in communicating with youth, there has to be a level of understanding where they are and how they got there. It is good to understand what is driving their behaviors, thoughts and daily actions.

The more articles I read, the better equipped I become in perhaps encouraging a different and better way of looking at life in general. We should want our kids in our communities to excel not only academically, but morally as well. The more informed they become, the more power they will possess to make better moral and rational decisions.