By Chawnette Clark

What is the advantage of doing absolutely nothing to improve your life? There is no advantage. Some may say, “What if I fail?” Well, what if you succeed? Furthermore, without any effort to discover what you are capable of, you most likely will fail. So, I ask you again, “What would be the advantage of standing still?”

Who am I really?

I want you to see yourself as a blanketed canvas.  You are the only one with the paintbrush, and you now have the opportunity to paint anything you wish on your canvas because it belongs to you. Now, before you get started, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. Understand this canvas is all about you. 

I am provoking you to think of yourself as an individual that is worth the best that life has to offer you. You are worth every and any effort you make to improve or enhance your life. But, in order to complete this task, you must take the journey of discovering who you really are. I’m not asking you what you do well or who you know, I am simply asking you to take time to discover some of the things that make you unique. 

Don’t get discouraged because this is definitely an ongoing process and journey that I am yet discovering.  The good news is that I am willing to keep discovering and learning new things about me that will bring about better health and individual wellness and I encourage the same for you.