Written by: Kim Danon

I have come to learn that the success of the “Big Game” is attributed to the level of success at practice. If you have ever participated in sports, art, music or any our competitive interest, you understand the hours of blood sweat and tears that goes into being the best you can be. It is silly to think we can instantly become good at something without the key elements to all success: time and practice.

Former coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Tony Dungy, says, “If you quit on me in practice, I know you will quit on me in the game.” So true! Often times we want to skip the work required of us and go straight into the game. We want the glory and not the guts, (and it takes lots of guts to be your best!) but just like in sports or other interests, in the big game of life, it doesn’t work that way, does it?

Many times we are encouraged to focus on our goals. We hear things like “Keep your eye on the prize”, but we seldom hear anyone encouraging us to focus on the process it takes to get there! Practice is rarely promoted with the message of glory, but if you think about it, isn’t that where our character and commitment is truly tested?  The place where there are no cameras or cheering crowd. In that place where there is no “W” or trophy. It’s just us against ourselves; our toughest opponent. 

Practice is where we determine if we will push through adversity or give up when it gets tough. Practice is where we discover our strengths and our weaknesses. It is in the discovery of our weaknesses that we become better, stronger and obtain the humility required to be a true champion. 

Oftentimes coaches will bench a player if they miss practice. As a player, this may seem extreme or unfair, however, this is evidence that the coach truly understands that the attitude towards practice is a prelude to real life success. 

The privilege of practice time is designed to equip you for success, safety and position. Today it may be a position in your sport or other competitive interest, but in real life, your position will determine your role in society and history. What you invest in today will play a factor in the success of your future. 

Dream big, but more than that, PRACTICE WELL!