Kindness Never Leaves

In the spirit of the season, here are some ways to show kindness to others that will stick with them fall-ever.

  1. Rake someone’s leaves.
  2. Call a family member you haven’t seen in a while.
  3. Write encouraging messages on sticky notes and put them in the school bathroom.
  4. Use your allowance to donate to a charity.
  5. Make a fall dessert and give it away.
  6. Write a thank-you note to your teacher.
  7. If your coat doesn’t fit you anymore, donate it.
  8. Dry the slides at the park after it rains.
  9. Cheer on a classmate when they do something hard.
  10. Invite your sibling to play with you and ask them what they want to do.

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School Shoutout!

“When me and my boyfriend got into an argument, instead of fighting forever, we talked it out.”

“I’m going to start being stronger and say no to people when they make me uncomfortable.”

“I need to focus more on controlling my emotions and not letting people get too close so fast.”


“The students at Dixie High School were struck by the real-life stories they read about abuse survivors. They got into groups and each read a story, but when the activity was over, many of the students requested copies of the other stories that the other groups had read. They had not realized how heartbreaking stories of abuse are, but now they are armed with examples and information! We are so glad that these students responded to what they heard and can now recognize if they see abuse around them.”

–Morgan Snyder, Presenter