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School Shoutout 📣

This school year, Morgan and Brook visited Beavercreek HS, and Darryll visited Weisenborn. Check out their message to you below!

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“I have learned so much and it has completely changed how I view marriage and love, in a positive way.”

Beavercreek High School

We all learned something about life, which is better to learn now than later.

Weisenborn Junior High

Talking about how to resolve conflict and about grooming really impacted me because it gave me advice and helped me look for these things in relationships and friendships.

Beavercreek High School

“It is good to say no when you are pressured. I am learning to stay away from drugs.”

Weisenborn Junior High

It showed us how we can be great in life and in relationships.

Beavercreek High School

I learned what I can do to live a good, successful, and safe life.

Weisenborn Junior High

6 Steps to Increase Your Savings by Creating a Budget  

1. Know your income and have a goal

– Be aware of how much you are making

– Decide how much you want to save each month

2. Put your spending into categories

– Phone bill, Gas money, Food, Clothes, Entertainment, etc.

3. Decide how much you will spend on each category and write the amount next to each category

4. Put remaining amount into savings

5. Track your spending

– Keep track of everything you purchase

6. If there is any money left in your budget at the end of the month, add it to your savings

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Bad Habits Don’t Rule You

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Before You Say “Yes” to Roblox!

Before You Say “Yes” to Roblox!

  Written by: Chawn Clark The game “Roblox” which has appeared to be a “kid-friendly” and popular gaming platform for kids has been exposed for housing hidden sexual content. Makers of this game stated they are constantly seeking to eliminate this type of...

Heroes and Misfts

Heroes and Misfts

  Written by: Danny Brooks I recently rewatched one of my favorite movies from my childhood: The animated Hercules from 1997. If you’ve never seen this movie, it’s about a boy (Hercules also called Herc) who doesn’t fit in and is searching for somewhere he...