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What's the Best Way to Bond?
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School Shoutout 🎉

This school year, Morgan visited Northmont High School, and Darryll visited Holy Angels. Check out their message to you!

In Your Words

Check out what your friends have to say!

“I came into this program getting used to a new relationship, but had pushed a very toxic ex out of my
life. I didn’t know anything about boundaries or grooming tactics…I’m glad I got to see your
presentation because now I CAN identify how toxic and unhealthy the relationship was.”

Northmont High School

“I learned how to make friends and how to respect them. I also learned how important it is to be kind
to others and to treat everyone with respect.”

Holy Angels

“This program validated how I felt about relationships.”

Northmont High School

“I learned about how much compliments mean in friendships.”

Holy Angels

“Conflict day helped me realize that conflict is an essential part of life that I must learn how to handle.”

Northmont High School

“I learned how to be a better friend and how to stand up to bullying.”

Holy Angels

Ways to Bond

Human beings have a natural desire to bond with others, whether it’s with family members,
friends, a close friend, or a partner.

Having people in our life with whom there’s mutual trust
and genuine caring is an important part of the human experience. However, we must be
intentional about cultivating our relationships in order to stay connected.

1. Cook

2. Set a Goal

3. Do Something Adventurous

4. Create a Ritual or Tradition

5. Give Eye Contact

6. Put Phones Away

7. Verbally Express Your Appreciation

8. Do Random Acts of Kindness – Often

9. Have Open Communication

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Building Trust

Building trust helps build a bond in all relationships. Here are some ways that you can build trust with someone.

1. If you make a promise, follow through!

2. Be ok with saying “no”

3. Consistency shows that you can be trusted.

4. Be truthful

5. Actively listen

6. Be vulnerable with the person you are building trust.

7. Remember that building trust is a daily commitment.

8. Be organized: This allows you to make clear decisions about your available time.

9. Helping when you can shows that you care.

10. Do what you know is right when making decisions.

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