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Is Your Relationship Healthy?
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School Shoutout 🎉

This school year, TeLana visited West Carrollton Middle School, and Morgan visited Miamisburg High School. Check out their message to you!

In Your Words

Check out what your friends have to say!

“When we talked about boundaries, it taught me to not be ashamed of what I want and don’t want.”

Miamisburg High School

“I learned that it is very important to consider what may happen when you make a choice . . . how your future may be affected.”

West Carrollton Middle School

“You helped me realize that I need to focus on myself and to be happy until I can have a healthy relationship.”

Miamisburg High School

“What I learned is that you have to keep pushing toward your goals.”

West Carrollton Middle School

“I’ve been through a lot and this program has helped me get through it and taught me how to handle my emotions.”

Miamisburg High School

“I learned that sexual activity can affect other things and is not only physical.”

West Carrollton Middle School

Are you in a relationship?

Check out the questions below to determine how healthy your relationship is and if you are experiencing manipulation.

1. How often do you hang out with your friends? Have you stopped spending time with friends since your relationship started?

2. Do others know who you are dating or is it a secret?

3. What emotions do you feel when you are together? Pay attention to negative emotions when identifying grooming tactics.

4. Have any of your boundaries been crossed?

5. Have you felt uncomfortable in any situations with the person you’re

6. Are you afraid of voicing your opinion for fear that the other person will get upset with you?

7. How is conflict handled in the relationship? Are you able to compromise or are decisions always decided by one of you?

8. What response do you receive when you say “No”? Is your answer respected and honored?

9. Does your family like the person you are dating?

10. If you were in clubs or on a sports team before you started your relationship, are you still active in the club/sport?

Complete the Challenge!

Do you remember the 11 common grooming tactics? Comment on our Instagram
page all of the tactics you remember. Let’s see if we can get all 11 listed.

Is This the Right Person for You? 🏆

Are you wanting to date a friend but are unsure if this is the right person for you?
Check the boxes that fit your friendship and see how many positive attributes you
have in your friendship.

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