School Shoutout 🎉

This school year, Darryll visited Valley View JH, and James and Chawn visited Xenia High School. Check out their message to you!



In Your Words

Check out what your friends have to say!

“I learned a lot about good coping skills, the proper dating steps and how to get out of an abusive relationship. I like how the program touched base on a lot of marriage and future relationship topics.”

Xenia High School

“I was already going to save myself for marriage, but the presenter really furthered my view.”

Valley View Jr High

“I think this program will help a lot of students make good choices in their relationships. I also like how it wasn’t just out of a book and it was personal.”

Xenia High School

“The presenter did an outstanding job of presenting the evidence clearly. Hopefully we have this program again in High School. I would recommend sending a presenter very often. He never made any one of us uncomfortable.”

Valley View Jr High

“This program made me realize I was in a very unhealthy relationship recently and it was not my fault it didn’t work out.”

Xenia High School

“I think it helped me think more about the decisions that I’m going to make before I do them. Also, helped me with what to do in a high pressure situation.”

Valley View Jr High

Communication Life Hacks

1. Make Eye Contact

Not only does eye contact help you connect with the person you’re talking to, but it is proven to increase your confidence, attractiveness, and emotional stability as well as making you seem more trustworthy, reliable and sincere.

2. Know What You Are Talking About

It can be pretty easy to spot someone who is speaking on something they know little about. Confidence in the topic you are discussing increases your ability to communicate more clearly and with more effectiveness.

3. Ask Questions for Better Understanding

Understanding the topic fully is very important for effective communication.

4. Respect What Others Have to Say

In order to communicate effectively, the person you are talking to needs to feel like their opinion matters. Then you can respond in a way that is respectful even in opposition.

5. Give the Other Person Your Full Attention

Nothing hurts more than talking to someone who you know is distracted or not listening. For the best communication, be present to the person who is talking to you!

New Content

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Emotional Protection = Trust

By: Kim Danon Do you feel protected and safe? Often times this question leads us to think about our physical protection and the safety of our surroundings. What if I rephrased the question? Are your emotions protected and safe? That question may require some thought...

Happy New DAY!

By: Kim Danon Many people see the New Year as a time for starting over and forming new habits. However, you do not have to wait until January 1st to start anew!   Here are some reminders to seize the day!   The most important time in your life is Right Now....

Are You a Waffle or Spaghetti? 🧇🍝

The way we see the world can be presented as either waffled-brained or spaghetti-brained – or both! Watch the video and complete the challenge!

Reasons to CELEBRATE Being Single 🙌

According to, only 19% of teens between 13-17 are currently in a relationship! The other 81% are enjoying the many benefits of single life. Here are five reasons to celebrate singleness!

1. Wider Social Group

Talk to and spend time with who you want, when you want without the drama.

2. Focus on School and Other Interests

Dating takes a lot of time and effort! Most teens want the freedom to pursue their dreams and goals without being tied to someone who probably won’t be around to see the results.

3. You Don’t Have to be as Focused on Your Appearance

Let’s face it, if we can be confident with our natural appearance, we could save a lot of time and money! Being single gives you freedom to care more for yourself and less about how your partner wants you to be.

4. You Save Money!

Money is hard to come by, so financial freedom is a wonderful thing.

5. More Time to Spend with Friends and Family

These relationships will far outlast a dating fling. Invest in the relationships that will always be there for you!