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How You Should be Treated
Relationship Red Flags

School Shoutout 🎉

This school year, Morgan visited Lakota East High School, and TeLana visited St. Christopher School. Check out their message to you!

In Your Words

Check out what your friends have to say!

“The biggest takeaway for me was all of the stories that put the consequences into realization and perspective.”

St. Christopher School

“I’m really glad I got to participate in this program. I now know not to be passive and a people pleaser during conflict. It doesn’t solve anything.”

Lakota East High School

“This program opened me up to the things that aren’t really talked about.”

St. Christopher School

“I liked that we were allowed to give input, make comments, and ask questions the entire time.”

Lakota East High School

“I really liked how we got to learn all of this early so we are ready for when we get into high school.”

St. Christopher School

“When we were talking about conflicts and how to resolve them, I realized tone of my really close friends did some of this to me every time we argued and I would apologize first. Now I’ll be able to recognize when this is happening so I don’t get walked on.”

Lakota East High School

Qualities to Look for in a Friend 🍕🍕🍕

In order to ensure that you are treated well (as the king or queen you are), you need to surround yourself with good people! Here are some qualities to look for in a friend:

1. You trust them and they trust you

2. They respect your values

3. They make you laugh

4. You both have a life outside of a relationship

5. They can compromise with you

6. Communication is open and honest

7. Boundaries are respected

8. They bring out good qualities in you

9. You feel safe around this person

10. They’re supportive of your goals and dreams

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Relationship Trouble Signs😬

If you answer yes to any of the following, you may be in an unhealthy or even abusive relationship.

1. Have I been cut off from my friends?

2. Do I fight with this person all the time?

3. Does this person get jealous when I talk to others?

4. Do most of my family and friends disapprove of this person?

5. Does the other person do or say hurtful things they say they don’t really mean?

6. Do I change around this person so that he or she will accept me?

7. Am I afraid of this person?

8. Does the other person put me down?

9. Do I feel free or relieved when the other person is gone?

10. Has the other person threatened me or physically hurt me?

11. Does the other person ask me to keep secrets about our relationship?

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