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Thank you for stopping by to spend time with us! We know all this distance learning can be a challenge and that you probably just want to be done! We get it!  We are not here to add to your workload, but to give you a break from math, report writing and all that other stuff. We are here to socialize with you and have some fun! One thing that has not changed during this time of quarantine is your need and desire to be connected to the people you enjoy being around (and the people you find extremely attractive). The following podcasts and videos are designed especially with you in mind and talk about things that you care about. We hope you find the time you spend here to be memorable and useful both today and in the future. Go get a snack, sit back, relax and enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our site and share us with your friends! Welcome to your happy place!

Aspire Video Series: Daring to dream without fear

Series by Scott Phelps

Lesson 1 Summary

Students are encouraged to consider their dreams and goals for the future.  They will learn about the “critical moment” in relationship to the rest of their life.  Sexual abstinence is defined and explained.

Lesson 2 Summary

Students will identify the value of having a plan to resist negative pressures.  They will learn how some negative pressures have implications on sexual activity.

Lesson 3 Summary

Students will learn the difference between a bacterial and viral STD’s. Abstinence is identified as the best way to protect against STD’s.  

Lesson 4 Summary

Students will be able to recognize the media’s influence on human behavior.  They will realize the importance of guarding their mind from the media’s pressure.  

Lesson 5 Summary

Students will learn the importance of developing self-control.  They will realize that friend selection have an impact on their life outcome.

Lesson 6 Summary

Students will recognize healthy components and destructive behaviors to future marriage relationships.  Sexual abstinence is identified as a healthy behavior for preparing for a healthy marriage.  

Lesson 7 Summary

Students will understand that past actions do not have to dictate future decisions.  They will learn the importance of setting personal guidelines for sexual activity and relationships.  

Lesson 8 Summary

Students will recognize the benefits of abstinence.  They will learn the linkage between abstinence in relation to academic achievement, future opportunities, and future freedom.  


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