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Friendship Life Hacks
The Golden Rule Challenge

School Shoutout 🎉

This school year, TeLana visited Weisenborn Junior High, and Morgan visited Lebanon High School. Check out their message to you!

In Your Words

Check out what your friends have to say!

“I learned about building healthy relationships starting with friendships. I liked how examples/scenarios were used to describe different situations because I think it helps students visualize things more.”

Weisenborn Jr High

“This program impacted me in a positive way. It started when I was in a situation where I needed to think about dating in High School, and thankfully made a decision I think was best for me. It also made me think about another situation I’m in with a friend and I’m on my way to making better decisions about this.”

Lebanon High School

“I liked how the presenter was nice and helped me understand the consequences and good things that can happen.”

Weisenborn Jr High

“I’ve received a better way to deal with anger and rage . . . after I started answering questions here, I felt less anxious in other classes.”

Lebanon High School

“I liked how she taught about STDs. I’m sure a lot of kids’ mindsets changed.”

Weisenborn Jr High

“This program has helped me make meaningful and lasting relationships with others. It has also impacted me by helping me learn how to contribute to a successful and healthy friendship.”

Lebanon High School

Girls, Are Your Friendships Healthy?😬

Many teenage girls share in a similar struggle: Not social media or boys or the stress of achievement-oriented school years, but friendships. In her article discussing friendship, Kari Kampakis offers these helpful tips for girls struggling to find meaningful peer connections.

According to Kampakis, 99% of messages she receives on Facebook and Instagram are struggles with friendships, and usually struggles with a friend group. Here are some tips she offers to help navigate this “absolute Necessity” in life.

1. Kindness is more important than popularity

Real friends vs. 50/50 friends. Are your friends nice on some days and mean on others? Invest your time and energy into real friendships, the ones that will last decades down the road.

2. Don’t try to make the wrong friendships work

  1. It may just be human to chase after the popular crowd and at some schools the popular crowd is kind, and others, not. If popularity is your goal, you may stay in the friend group even if you are not treated well.

3. If you value kindness, it won’t matter if your friends are popular

Seek real friends that will be there for you. Seeking kindness helps you have higher standards for yourself.

4. Cast a wide net

Don’t pour all of your energy into that core friend group. Make friends within many circles. Having different social circles ensures you always have a place to go if other friends let you down.

5. Remember: some seasons of friendships are easier than others

Even in difficult seasons, if you are looking at it in a way to make yourself a better person and grow your character and your faith, then those seasons won’t be a waste.

Guys, Do Your Friends “Man-Up” to Your Standards? 💯

Guys have a unique set of needs within their friendship circles.  Consider the following list when evaluating your current and future friendships and Hey, why not spend some time evaluating your Man-up status, as well? 

1. Trustworthy and Loyal 🤝 

Do your friends have your back when you’re not around?

2. Dependable 🕐

Can you count on your friends through the good times and bad?

3. Consistent 🌲 

Are your friends wishy washy or fake?

4. Challenging 💪

Do you and your friends challenge one another to be the best you can be in every area of life?

5. Supportive

Do your friends support and help you achieve your goals?

If you answered “no” to any of these characteristics, now is a good time to decide whether you want to continue spending time and energy in some of your current relationships. Maybe you see this as an opportunity to become a better friend yourself! Take some time to think about each of these categories and use them to evaluate your current friendships. Then decide who still deserves to be called “friend.”

Friendship Life Hacks

1. Food 🍴🍴🍴

Make a dessert, a dish, or a whole meal you’ve never tried making before.

2. Movie Marathon Tent🎞️🍿

Have a movie marathon day. Bring your favorite snack! For an extra challenge, build a blanket fort to watch the movie under!

3. Play a Board Game 🎲🃏

Play a board game or card game and declare a champion! 

4. Video Game Throwback 🎮 

Invite a friend over and play a video game that you played when you were younger. 

5. Trick Shot Challenge 🏀🗑️ 

See what trick shots you can accomplish – go simple and try to get a paper wad in a trash can or set up something more elaborate.

6. Gym Day 💪 

Be spotters for each other at the gym or do a home workout.

7. Volunteer Together ✨ 

Volunteer for an organization that means something to you!

8. Festivals 🎡 

Check out local festivals that will be open this year! 

The Golden Rule Challenge

The Golden Rule states that you should do to others what you would want them to do for you. Smile at a stranger! Thank someone for being your friend! Do something kind, and share the story with us on Instagram!

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