Establishing healthy relationships

An in-class relationship-building program for high school students, now available for your school or youth group!

We all desire to be connected and have healthy relationships. Healthy connections play a part in the success of so many areas in our lives. Learning about dating, intimacy, sexual integrity and effective communication helps teenagers develop the building blocks necessary to have great relationships and successful futures.

We Poke the Bear

We fight to give teens the information they deserve to make the best choices possible when it comes to their sexuality, safety and overall health.

Teens deserve access to the truth about the risks they face. We do not bow to the popularity of social norms, but expose the lies that put teens at a disadvantage for achieving success as adults.

What Students Are Saying

“I think all the statistics and studies positively impact people because numbers don’t lie, so they force you to rethink the issues being discussed.” – Hamilton Freshman School

“My favorite thing I learned was how to argue the right way because I wasn’t aware that some conflict is good.” – Fairmont High School

“I always thought my future relationships would be like my parents. They divorced when I was 8 … when you came, you helped me realize the mistakes that they made and it helps me not make them too.” – Xenia High School

I liked that this presentation didn’t go to say that starting relationships is bad and that we shouldn’t do certain things. It was more open and all inclusive and they just wanted us to be aware of things that are going on around us. – Springboro High School 

Recognizing Teen Dating Violence and Its Long-Term Effects

According to this article, about one in every three young people will be in an unhealthy relationship that involves sexual, physical, verbal or emotional abuse. As disturbing as this is, the potential long-term effects of these types of relationships are even more concerning. Researchers found that girls who experienced dating violence between the ages of 13 and 19 were more likely to smoke, suffer from depression or an eating disorder and have more sexual partners.  Make sure you know the warning signs and don’t hesitate to get involved if you suspect that a young person in your life is involved in an unhealthy relationship.